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  • Payment made through Cheque / DD will be in Favor of Cloud Zappy Only, Other payment methods may include cash and online fund transfer, Online Fund Transfer to be made in Cloud Zappy account only.
  • Payment Terms 100 % Advance or as mutually agreed.
  • The client is required to Issue a Work Order or fill our Order Form or Send a confirmation mail
  • Domain Name and Hosting Payment has to be paid into advance. (if any)
  • Work on the project shall begin only after receipt of advance from the client.
  • It is understood that these are one time charges for one time service and after delivery we hold no responsibility as such towards the content solution provided until and unless asked by the client to do so. In any such case the client will have to bear the visiting and customization charges.
  • Project details such as (website content, software details, database details etc) will be provided by the client within 15 days of commencement of project; Any delays in providing these details will directly reflect in delays in development of project.
  • Customization will only be possible to an extent; and it will be mutually agreed between us and the party about the extent and limit of customization.
  • We are not responsible and will not be held responsible for the content on the website as the content will be handled and provided by client only.
  • We are not responsible and will not be held responsible in case of Software/ Website Failures, Data Loss, Data Corruption or Improper Function by Software/ Website.
  • It is client’s responsibility to maintain the backup of his/ her data; in case of any failures we shall not be held liable in case the data has been lost.
  • In case of non payment of balance amount we will have the authority to lock down and shut down the software / website / project and not provide support.
  • Client understands that we will be using our existing common codebase to deliver the solution, under no circumstances the copyright of the common codebase file shall transferred to the client.
  • In case any anti national / adult / or any objectionable content is loaded on the website; the website will be shut down immediately as soon as we are aware of such material , and proper action will be taken against the responsible parties. (if hosted with us)
  • If any passwords of the website are given to client; the client is requested to change the password immediately.
  • The source code of above specified project will not be given or as mutually agreed.
  • Domain Name and Hosting Renewal is client’s responsibility and it is required that we are notified and confirmed at least before two weeks of expiry.
  • We shall not be held responsible for failures or changes in services / products of any third party providers ; ex: Google Apps; Search Engine Listing is beyond our control and we shall not be responsible if website does not feature in search engine the same is applicable for the site’s ranking.
  • In case the website is hacked / cracked or any other inappropriate content is uploaded on the website, the client is required to inform us at the earliest and the website will be shut down until the matter is resolved.
  • It is client’s responsibility to check the website and payment system before feeding it with any real data. We shall not be held responsible at any event the website is hacked / cracked or inappropriate content is loaded or in case of any financial mishaps.
  • In any unfavorable condition any penalty levied upon us shall not exceed 5% of the total project cost.
  • All legal disputes shall be settled in Indore (M.P., India ) courts only.
  • Client will be legally responsible for the content of the website; therefore it is required that client gets all the legal documents including copyrights etc. The client is advised to periodically check the website.
  • Client will have to specify registrant details for the domain name.
  • After delivery of proposed project any changes in the software / website / project will be chargeable at the rates applicable at the time. The client will have a testing period of 15 days under which the client must state his satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In case there is no communication from the client’s end it would be deemed that the project has been deployed successfully.
  • We do not offer any refunds.